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Forever - 5 Page Teaser Script :iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 0
Trial and Errors-Molecule Man
1. We see a house, not unlike any other house, it's just one in a suburb. The suburb looks neat, but empty.  The houses are shells, there's no life here. Clean, crisp, cookie cutter. This is a tall, rectangle establishing panel on the left with two thin panels sitting on the right of it, should take up half a page. We should be able to see a woman standing in the window in silhouette.
Owen Reece: You wouldn't think it would be so hard. An infinite power should present infinite possibilities.
2. Reece is sitting in a lounge chair, he looks pretty relaxed, he's slightly younger, this is taking place in his time in exile.
Reece: But that also means an infinite amount of possible errors.
3. Reece is talking and pointing all around him at items in the room. Fill the room with whatever you like.
Reece: Can you imagine what it takes to make absolutely everything around you? It takes the powers of a god but the patience of something much stronger.
4. A wide panel of Reece walking to
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 1 0
Murder Calls For The Iron Man
1. Tony Stark sits on the bench in his living room, his sleeves are rolled up, his tie is loosened but still tied (not a bow tie either, I want a real tie). There are empty bottles on trays, a pretty girl asleep and facing away from us on the far end of the couch. There are a variety of party-goers littered in a cordon around the room, standing and sitting. His drink is just near his lips.
Tony: It's a funny thing that people think I'm just some drunken boob when I'm not covered in an alloy.
Caption: He's drinking Shirley Temples; only a few would know that.
Caption: I've been behind this curtain, though. Many times.
2. Tony is pouring more vermouth into his glass, he looks laid back, but the smile is most certainly gone.
Tony: And I might just be, but with my levels of money I'm the most powerful drunk you'll ever meet, so no one leaves this room until I find out what happened.
Caption: I know what happened.
3. Tony walks over to the sleeping girl and we see that half her face is sing
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 0
I Can Remember
I rocked from side to side and it would be soothing if it wasn't unnerving. The wind set the car back and forth as the storm blew across the coast line and I sat and watched the horizon. Whatever storm was hitting my car was nothing, a precursor, a child. My eyes touched over the parent that sat out at the edge of sight. It slowly slid towards the coast, taking its time, knowing it would get there and it could then do whatever it wanted.
I wasn't going to wait for its arrival, but I had plenty of time to sit and watch.
My son's head was in my lap, his breathing regulated, the inclement weather outside our metal shell didn't disturb his slumber. It had been a long day for him. For us both. I brushed a hand through his hair and remembered when I was his age.
A flood of images, smells, feelings in my stomach, and ticklings on my brain exploded within me like a depth charge dropped into the Mariana Trench.
I remembered it all.
I can remember sleeping in the caravan during that trip. I didn
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 1 0
Under The Red Hood
I chased him on foot for hours. There was no back up, no helicopter to help me spot him, nothing. I hadn't done it as an officer, I had done it as Jonathon Bachman. And Jonathon Bachman was very alone.
The end, which was the beginning, started in a pub. I was drinking. It was the weekend and I was more than off duty. I was off the force. I wasn't sure for how long, but it had to be long enough to give me at least one day of solitary drinking in my favourite bar. I was only onto my second raw gin when I saw the face. I'd been sitting there, stewing in my own sweat, desperation, and failure for about two hours already.
"You sure you want another gin?" Bobby Two-Teeth called. Bobby's mouth was pearly and perfect like he had just stepped out of a daytime soap opera, but he earned the nickname when he found two teenagers trying to take off with a keg from his loading area. It only took one punch for each of them and he had them down on the concrete that forever smelled like the week old swe
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 0
Lookin For A Soul To Steal
                                                        PAGE 1
1. Johnny is rocking the fiddle on stage of a seedy mid-60’s Georgian bar. He is just really wailing on his fiddle. He looks like Sam Rockwell, kinda like he is in The Green Mile, but cleaned up a little bit, but still with that devil in his eyes. He is playing with bow in left hand and fiddle in right.
      Caption: I’m a fiddler. Always have been.
      Caption: Sometimes I feel like I was born with a fiddle in my hands; so that’s
                    exactly what I tell peop
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 0
Mature content
Fate - Issue 1 - 9 Page Teaser :iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 0
Stirring In The Blood
     It was weird to be so still. So still in the night. Ennis sat in the chair and looked at the window. The rain was beating down on the window so hard and fast that it seemed likely that the room had actually relocated underwater. Were it not for the flashes of light he almost could have believed it. Almost wanted to, as well.
     He felt like he hadn't moved in hours, probably hadn't. What was the point of moving; why give them the satisfaction. Besides, he liked to watch the rain. It was always one of his favourite things. The elements were a hard bunch. Air you needed, but it was never much fun, earth was something he did not want to be confined in, or even covered in, and nor did he particularly crave the licks of any nearby flames. But water, water was something that held something for him. He always had told people it was because he was born on a storming night.
     The drops licked the glass and Enni
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 1
The Mud In The Castle Walls -1
     He was flowing down the river. Though that probably wasn't right, considering he was the river. At least, at that moment he was the river.
     Farmer was the water. All of it. It wasn't a story he liked to relive, or ever even think about again, but Farmer occupied every molecule of hydrogen and oxygen joined together. At any moment he could become whichever section of water he so desired.
     The bottom layer of water in the Pacific or a rising tidal wave in a dam. Whatever mould Farmer wanted to make himself into he had more material to work with than anyone else in the world. Over the years he had tried many different forms. Not all forms, but he was slowly checking off his boxes.
     After years of toying with Man, Farmer was used to forming in a human size and shape. He often crept close to shore to see what humans were passing off as beauty. Whatever was beautiful he knew t
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 1
These Walls Thy Sphere
     I don't know what is confusing me more. Thinking about who would want to do this to me, or thinking about how they could do this to me.
     I was dreaming about a field, and there were flowers. I cannot remember more than that. The colour was very dull, but the flowers were the brightest yellow I could imagine. The sky seemed washed out and I was lost. Trying to find something but completely lost and without a clue of where to start.
     When I awoke my room was as it always was. The bed was still smooth, even though it felt like I had occupied every inch of the mattress I had obviously stayed very still in my rest. The floor was pristine, all my belongings lived in their rightful places in the wardrobe and my desk had minimal knick-knacks in view. There was a stack of plain paper on the right of the desk with a black pen next to it. Everything else was in drawers.
     I was not
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 6
Beardless Stinkeye by stinkbrown Beardless Stinkeye :iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 20
Thunder and Frightning
The sky's exploding embolism of lightning woke him up, even though he hadn't been sleeping. When you were an insomniac you lived in a state of constant sleep when you were awake, and vice versa. It made for an awkward situation, especially seeing as the doctor had prescribed him to get more exercise to wear him down but his agoraphobia had made that difficult.
     Life was a barren, cheerless trial, much like his favourite friend Robert Neville. But whereas Neville had battled a world of psuedo-vampires, Ned only battled a world of panic attacks and crippling fear.
     An atomic flash scrambled around the edges of Ned's bedroom's curtain and lit up the room. Cover from the curtain fell on Ned like a coffin of shadow. A second later the boom hit the house like a small child rattling their doll house to shake loose their favourite toy. Ned jolted at the noise. He had never been the best in scary situations, and a loud storm in the middl
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 1 3
Wash Us Clean
The cloud had formed out at sea. Scientists had not been able to conclusively tell us what had caused it to form. The only thing they could say with any certainty was that there had not been a cloud of this size in all documented human history.
     The papers had covered it as soon as it had turned black. This was about the same time that it was earning its unofficial Guinness World Record as the biggest cloud in history. At first it was just an unknown anomaly. Then it became an interest piece, the surf that it was creating was amazing to view. Even if that view was only from a distance. The storm had not reached a shore yet, it was still sitting over the Pacific like a cataract slowly owning all sight.
     Not one plane had been able to fly near it, and the backlash in international flights became a real pain in the ass. That was when it stopped being an interest piece and started being a global concern. The cloud just kept on growi
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 2 10
Stinkeye by stinkbrown Stinkeye :iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 36
Comics As Literature-Therapy
When I was a young lad growing up my older brothers were my biggest influences, my heroes. James is 5 years older and Marc is 10 years older than me. They are both great blokes, and we are all basically carbon copies of each other. Over the years we have all influenced each other in various aspects, and to this day are all the best of friends
     When I was 5 my father passed away. This is one of the reasons that we are so close, that and the fact that we are all so similar that how could we not like each other, we are all the same, and we all love ourselves.
     After my Dad's passing we all had ways of coping. The eldest went into the Army, the middle one lost a bit of confidence and strayed a bit, and I disappeared into a world of words. I read everything I could get my hands on. Around the house were all of Marc's books and Mum's books. Mum reads Dick Francis and old school chick stuff, so it was through my brother's boxes I went.
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 1 7
My Cross
Just about every shade of brown was showing. Parts of it still contained the original hues, but most sections had given way to the perils of age. There were scratches and notches taken out that gave way to lighter patches. At the bottom the handle section had been worn away by an over loving hand. This cross had seen many a day with someone once.
     I had cost me one dollar at an old Op shop. The saleslady had seemed relieved to be rid of it. I thought that a religious lady would be more than happy to pass on a little effigy of her lord and saviour but she had just seemed happy to be getting rid of it, not passing it on.
     The usual form of Jesus was stuck to the ancient wood. Nails through his hands and feet, not the wrists as we now supposed. He was barely covered by his cloth and his body seemed emaciated. I supposed I would look a little trim if I had been through his ordeal. His head looked peaceful cocked to one side, like he
:iconstinkbrown:stinkbrown 0 11


Emma Frost Pulp by TonyFleecs Emma Frost Pulp :icontonyfleecs:TonyFleecs 129 6 Nick Fury commission 2of 2 by Devilpig Nick Fury commission 2of 2 :icondevilpig:Devilpig 242 28 father, son,and holy moly by DJLogan father, son,and holy moly :icondjlogan:DJLogan 1 0 Alpha Flag Pages. by tojisuzuhara Alpha Flag Pages. :icontojisuzuhara:tojisuzuhara 75 25 Avery by literacysuks1 Avery :iconliteracysuks1:literacysuks1 43 23 70's Cage and Fist by urban-barbarian 70's Cage and Fist :iconurban-barbarian:urban-barbarian 717 346 Daredevil Sketch 002 by RobDuenas Daredevil Sketch 002 :iconrobduenas:RobDuenas 669 60 Daredevil by DeclanShalvey Daredevil :icondeclanshalvey:DeclanShalvey 285 21 Sif One-Shot page 06 by RyanStegman Sif One-Shot page 06 :iconryanstegman:RyanStegman 40 7 Party Hats by genesischant Party Hats :icongenesischant:genesischant 23 9 Once Upon a Dark Knight by genesischant Once Upon a Dark Knight :icongenesischant:genesischant 32 28 Russian Lullaby by Lupingirl Russian Lullaby :iconlupingirl:Lupingirl 3 8 Squidders by zaphrynn Squidders :iconzaphrynn:zaphrynn 4 17 CHURCH by darkstarlight CHURCH :icondarkstarlight:darkstarlight 1 2 Daredevil Bust by joaqii Daredevil Bust :iconjoaqii:joaqii 15 6 Obey Coffee by truemarmalade Obey Coffee :icontruemarmalade:truemarmalade 203 271


Hey all,

Just wanted to catch everyone and anyone up on what I'm doing lately. Here's the rundown:

I'm pitching a few comic things to publishers. I'm always looking for artists for new projects so if you want to hit me up then just go right ahead.

I'm writing reviews for Comic Book Resources: , and The Weekly Crisis:

I'm writing one page of script a week over at thoughtballoons:

I'm pushing a few things through with some different artists and publishers so hopefully keeping this space open for more news.

I'll try to throw a few new scripts up, just short 5 page teasers. Have a look to see if you want to collaborate.

Other than that, life is busy. Wife, work, kids, writing. It's all pretty glorious.
  • Listening to: podcasts, usually
  • Reading: my mammoth read pile next to my desk
  • Watching: the days tick by
  • Playing: around with my scripts
  • Eating: constantly
  • Drinking: a nice and delicious Milo


Ryan Lindsay
I'm an Australian writer. I write comics, reviews of comics, and critical essays about comics. 2012 is looking to be a big year with some short and long work seeing print.


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Are you doing your own pitches?
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